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JobShareID™: About us

About us

JobShareID™ in accordance with its mission, we will always be one of the most updated and trusted online job markets in Indonesia. We try to help facilitate communication between employers and job seekers in order to find a match for information in job search. For all major cities in Indonesia in general, and in particular South Sumatra.

Vision :
To connect between businesses and job seekers based on their talents and interests, in order to improve lives through better career achievements.

About us - www.jobshareid.xyz

Launched in Baturaja, South Sumatra, Indonesia in 2020, JobShareID™ has been amended several times until now. At present our website service is focused on providing online job market information and hopefully its presence can provide information to your liking.

With our understanding and insight, as well as our passion to take part in the world of Information Technology (IT), we provide accurate and up-to-date job vacancies information from official sources, with the best and varied career opportunities for job seekers and provide exceptional added value to companies in Indonesia.

Greetings Career Success!!